links for 2007-04-28

TrueNuff TV! OK, the Upgrading one had tears rolling down my face. I don’t use LMAO/ROFL very often, but this is one. (tags: humor spoof apple mac pc windows commercials advertisments)

links for 2007-04-26

Ignite Realtime: Smack API I’d love to set up a jabber server internally and have various apps list their presence there, and send ou messages as they change state… (tags: xmpp java software gtalk jabber im presence api opensource) mobile-google-talk-http – Google Code jabber/gtalk for your cell phone (tags: jabber xmpp presence im j2me java … [Read more…]

Rummel Lake Snowshoeing

One of the other good snowshoe trails in the Spray Valley is Rummel Lake. It’s not as official as the Chester, Sawmill, Burstall ones (yet), but it is very pretty and worthwhile. The view from the top of the second logging cutblock is amazing. At least 200 ° of panorama:

Poppy seed roll

Linda and I have been wanting to buy one of these from a bakery… then she found a recipe in Canadian Living magazine (source of many good recipes) and it seemed easy so we made it. Not only does it look great, it tastes even better. And it’s dead easy, because you let the bread … [Read more…]

Rawson Lake Snowshoeing

This may be our last chance to get out to the mountains and do some activity in the snow. Things are melting pretty quickly. (In fact, it was raining when we got to the parking lot.) We drove down to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, and parked on the far side of Upper Kananaskis Lake, then … [Read more…]