XMLmind XML Edtior

Here’s a tool I really like, for editing XML files, especially ones that have useful “human readable” representations, like XHTML:

XMLmind XML Editor


  • There’s a “free” version (lacking some features). Professional version isn’t unreasonable for a single seat.
  • Written in Java so it’s cross platform
  • You can easily create new templates for new XML schemas (just create or point at a DTD and a CSS stylesheet from a valid, minimal, but otherwise empty XML file conforming to the DTD)
  • Has a plug-in architecture, and there are a few plugins you can get right from their site, as well as write your own.

I find myself using it to edit XHTML, DocBook and other XML file types (e.g. DITA).

The advantage over something like JEdit is that rather than telling you when you create invalid markup, it won’t let you create invalid markup. And it certainly won’t let you create non-well-formed markup. (If the preceeding distinction isn’t clear then read the definitions of well-formed and valid.)

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