JEdit – Programmer’s Text Editor

My editor of choice, when not using an IDE like NetBeans:

jEdit – Programmer’s Text Editor


  • It’s written in Java so it’s cross platform
  • It has a million plug ins that do useful things
  • Free, open source.
  • It has a nice XML/HTML editing mode that does “code completion” on tags and attributes, and gives you a tree view and validation error list.
  • It has syntax coloring for more computer languages than you can shake a Turing Machine at.
  • It can even compile and run code from within the editor, so if you don’t have an IDE, you can turn it into a poor-man’s one, or use it for languages that don’t otherwise have an IDE, like Perl.
  • It can remotely edit files over [S]FTP.
  • There’s CVS integration (…note to self: check for Subversion integration…)

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