links for 2011-05-10

Documentation – Sleep 2.1 Java Scripting Language From the docs: The java world currently has Jacl for TCL, Jython for Python, and JRuby for Ruby. One offering is missing from this bunch: what Java scripting language exists for the Perl hackers of the world? Sleep is a Java-based scripting language heavily inspired by Perl. (tags: … [Read more…]

links for 2011-04-28

PlugComputer Community Linux in a wall-wart form factor. Could replace the 8 year old deskop machine I'm using as a media file server, torrent client and Linux development platform. (tags: linux green fileserver)

links for 2011-04-23

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code – Joel on Software Clearing out the file cabinet, found a dead-tree copy of this. Still relevant a decade++ later. (tags: practice software development bugtracking versioncontrol cvs svn)

links for 2011-04-08

How HTML5 will kill the native app Joker/Apple versus Google/Batman. Amusing metaphor, but interesting discussion. (tags: mobile appstore html5 webapp native browser smartphone iphone android)

links for 2011-03-23

RSA compromise: Impacts on SecurID – Research – SecureWorks Results of RSA SecurID breach. Time too look into (tags: rsa security encryption authentication phonefactor token twofactor) Tempo :: The tiny JSON rendering engine by TwigKit Yet another JS-only templating library. Looks minimal but useful. (tags: web webdev webdesign javascript framework software)

links for 2011-02-19

hij1nx/weld – GitHub Looks intriguing. From the Readme: Weld turns data into markup. There's NO sugar required. It works in the browser and in node.js! It's less than 1K compressed. It was co-developed with the developer of JSDOM. (tags: javascript webdev web webdesign api library software development)